Godaddy Web Hosting Reviewed : Perfect Host for your Blog

Well Web Hosting and GoDaddy is quite synonymous and this entity is one of the well-known faces in the world of Web Hosting and is easily recognisable. Found in 1997 in Baltimore, Maryland, this organisation is serving several companies under the sun and hosting over a million domains.

I personally believe, this is the best shot you can take id you are building a website for your business and after using the services of this company, I was not disappointed with the quality of the hosting but the pricing burnt a hole in my pocket. Nevertheless, this was one of the best hosting services that I would have ever availed of with the website performing amazingly well.

Without wasting much time, let me take you through the results that I yielded when I went for a GoDaddy Hosting.



Merits of being a GoDaddy User

I went for a WordPress hosting for my personal sports website which was basically provided facts and trivia on sports and here are the results.

Excellent Uptime

The hosting gave my site an excellent average uptime of about 99.96% throughout which is a very good figure. A low downtime meant that my site was easily accessible to each and every person at any point in time.

Excellent Page Speed

The site was loading fast and there were not any lags while the pages loaded up. I was personally relieved to see this because this ensured me that my visitors were not leaving the page due to the site being slow. The 79% factor of people leaving the website because of it being slow did come to my mind but the excellent hosting features gave me a sigh of relief.

Being treated with additional services

This definitely delighted me and the additional services that are thrown in by GoDaddy are something which you just can’t resist.

These services make GoDaddy a one-stop shop for all you need when it comes to web hosting. If you opt for the hosting services by GoDaddy, then you will get the Website Builder as an additional feature with the help of which you can easily build a website and also bring changes to your existing websites. GoDaddy will also help connect you with over 125 applications to add to your new hosting account instantly.

They will also help you connect with professional Web Designers for any suggestions and this service helped me a lot personally.


GoDaddy Pricing

Let’s make me take you through a pricing tour of this popular hosting service provider.

Starter Pack- You can host a single website at Rs.99 per month.

Economy plan- Website with basic resources for Rs. 199 per month.

Deluxe plan- Probably the best plan under their hood with more space for multiple websites which comes at Rs. 270 per month.

Ultimate plan- This is a plan for complex and heavy websites which comes with an SSL certificate and it comes at Rs. 450 per month.

Let me also take you through the website’s new Business Hosting plans.

Launch- This plan is for multiple basic sites which comes at a price of Rs. 1159 per month.

Enhance- For high traffic WordPress site, this comes at a price of Rs. 1479 per month.

Grow- This plan is for advanced e-commerce sites comes at a price of Rs. 1919 per month. This is the best plan under its hood.

Expand- This is best suited for photography and resource-heavy sites which comes at a price of Rs. 2559 per month.

Please note that all the above prices are given as listed during the discount period.

You can also avail the WordPress hosting if the need arises. If you go for the yearly plans, then the prices will be as follows.

– Basic- At Rs. 199 per month.

– Deluxe- At Rs. 249 per month.

– Ultimate- At Rs. 499 per month.

The yearly plans will be cheaper for you considered to the monthly plans.

Thus these are the things that you will enjoy if you are going for a GoDaddy Hosting and my association with them has been excellent so far so I also recommend you the same.


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