SiteGround Web Hosting 2018 : Is it Worthy for the Price?

In this digital era, everyone needs to prove themselves on the digital scene. A good website and a social media presence are what that will bolster your way to the top of the league.

A good website is what that will make your business look good and if you have to definitely get your act right when it comes to these. Talking of websites, they are really like the packaging to your valuable product and they ought to look good and be smooth when your customer is going through it to make a good impression.

Website Hosting is a very important aspect of building a website and you ought to do it the most correct manner for better results. SiteGround is one of the best options when you have to avail for hosting services for your website. A company founded in 2004, is one of the best website hosting companies. This company headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria has offices in 6 locations and data centres in three continents with more than 400 employees and has hosted over a million domains.



SiteGround is a pioneer when it comes to those with proven results. Speed is the one thing that you need when it comes to websites as a slower website can decrease the conversion rate by a drastic amount. SiteGround has proven it time and again with websites 95% faster than the other websites.

SiteGround has proven itself on important grounds which are as follows-

– Websites hosted by SiteGround simply act on the word SPEED and the tests are a true testimony to this.

– You don’t expect a website lag in the midnight and it works 24×7 around the clock. There are no Downtime effects on the websites that are being hosted by this company. The websites never fail to perform their primary functions when required.

– You can always count on the company anytime whenever you need any kind of assistance related to your website.

– It comes with a plethora of features to make your website dynamic and give it a good look which will discuss in the section below.

– A good service comes at a good cost and SiteGround definitely keeps that in mind while providing its services to their clients.

– A website receives a nice response when it is smooth and easy to use to use for the people are using and the websites hosted by SiteGround definitely holds its GROUND when it comes to these matters.


Services Provided by SiteGround


Web Hosting

These are web hosting services which are provided for

– Startup- If you are “just getting started” then this is the one for you to go for. It’s also best-suited for personal blogs and personal websites and small business websites. This plan also works for small online shops with a small number of products. You will definitely move to a bigger plan once you garner 10,000 unique visits per month on a regular basis.

– GrowBig- This for accommodating websites with great traffic or sites with average-sized traffic. This suite those who prefer to host all their sites in one account.

– GoGeek- These are for geeks with heavily visited websites such as a site which integrates platforms for online payments. These come with server PCI compliance.

WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is probably the best one around when it comes to WordPress Hosting. You can simply transfer your website to WordPress just from a few simple clicks. It comes with the latest security features and with SSD disks and the fast software technologies.


WooCommerce Hosting

It gives an impressive start to your online website plans with WooCommerce along with a preinstalled Storefront Theme. It provides assistance in the form of SSL and PCI Compliance. It’s fast and comes with a 24×7 channel support. It can be easily managed with auto-updates and daily backups.

Cloud Hosting

It’s one of the best services provided under the hood which packs in important features like WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla. It’s an ultra-fast website hosting technique which comes with a 24×7 support. Along with daily updates, you can add up to 4 datacentres and can free CDN which can give you easy geographic accessibility and can add up to the speed of your website.

These are the best services that you can avail for a great result for your website. An impressive response time along with great proven results. This definitely makes your go-to option for your website.

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